Initial Consultation & Assessment:  During your initial visit, you and Lori will review your your current health concerns, your health history, and your goals. Together, the two of you will explore various components of holistic health, including diet, nutrition, hydration, sleep patterns, movement, psycho-social factors, environmental factors, daily routines, and stress levels. The overall objective of the initial consultation is to identify underlying factors contributing to your current health issues, set manageable health goals, and initiate a wellness plan that will put you on a path toward better health. This first visit typically takes 90 to 120 minutes.

First Follow-Up Visit:  Ideally, your first follow-up session should take place 2-3 weeks after you begin your recommended therapies (herbal therapies, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, supplementation, etc.). This visit allows you and Lori to discuss your initial progress and assess your body's response to the herbs and the changes that you've begun to incorporate into your life. Follow-up visits typically take approximately one hour.

Subsequent Visits:  Subsequent follow-ups will involve ongoing assessment of your progress, continual expansion of your holistic self-care arsenal, and repeated reviews of your personal goals. In most natural healthcare modalities, a total of three visits is recommended as a guideline for individuals seeking a general wellness plan. For individuals dealing with chronic illness and/ or more complicated health concerns, additional follow-up visits may be warranted to achieve optimal, sustainable results.



In today's healthcare environment, natural care therapies are often financially unattainable for many individuals. Hence, for the basic fees, Lifesong Holistic offers a sliding scale based on your income and ability to pay, relying on your integrity to make an appropriate personal choice along that scale for payment. That is, YOU decide what you pay.

Initial Consultation & Assessment (90-120 minutes):  $105-$75   (sliding scale)

All Follow-Up Sessions (60 minutes):  $80-$50   (sliding scale)

Mini Consultations via Phone (established clients only):  $20-$10 for every 15 minutes (sliding scale)                                                    


Wellness Package (initial consultation + 2 follow-up sessions):  $225

Follow-Up Bundle (3 follow-up sessions):  $195

NOTE:  Both of the above VALUE PACKAGES also include open email communication with Lori for up to 12 weeks in between appointments.


All fees are non-refundable, and do not include the cost of herbs or supplements.  


Gift Certificates available.