As an integrative, holistic wellness practitioner with formal training in functional medicine principles, clinical assessment, and Western therapeutic herbalism, Lori's goal is to empower her clients to take control of their own health and attain a higher quality of life.

During your first visit, Lori will listen attentively to your current health concerns, and then work closely with you to identify the underlying factors that are contributing to your symptoms. Together, you and Lori will set manageable health goals, and will outline an integrative, holistic plan aimed at 1) addressing the underlying contributing factors, and 2) meeting your personal health goals. When you depart from your first visit, you will be armed with the initial steps of your personalized wellness plan, which will begin to put you on a path toward better health.

In as few as two or three clinical sessions, you can begin to experience positive health changes as a result of the new path that you’ll be following at that point. Moreover, you will be equipped with knowledge, therapies, tools, and self-care practices that you can apply in your day-to-day life for ongoing, sustainable results.

Lori's uses a holistic, integrative functional medicine approach that involves multiple areas of focus, including nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, stress, toxic burden, gut health, cognition, genetic predisposition, social influences, and daily rhythm. Her multifaceted care plans integrate well with conventional medical treatments and with other alternative healthcare therapies, resulting in highly successful outcomes for her clients. 


Lifestyle choices that we make every day can effect the way our body functions. Sleep habits, hydration, movement, hygiene practices, career, stress management, daily routines, recreation, spirituality, personal relationships, hobbies, and connection to the natural world are some of the factors that impact proper functioning of the human body and its ability to heal in the face of adversity. The choices we make today have an impact on our quality of life tomorrow.


We've all heard the adage "We are what we eat". More importantly, however, we are what we digest. While dietary choices are important, a robust and properly functioning digestive system is imperative for managing nutrition and maintaining wellness.  Our bodies must be able to effectively digest and absorb the nutrients in the foods that we eat in order to perform optimally. A few small changes on our part can lead to big, posi-tive effects on our body's digestive vigor and, in turn, our nutritional status.


More often than not, our bodies are in need of some type of strengthening, rebalancing, and/or restoration. Whether we're suffering from an illness, facing a major life change, recovering from surgery, experiencing stress, sleep-deprived, or simply struggling to meet the demands of daily life..... herbal therapy can be a powerful tool in providing the body with the extra support, nurturing, and restorative power that it needs in order to achieve and maintain health and vitality.